Detail Page Content Optimization



What's the best way to format my title?  How many bullet points should you have?  What should I put in my product descriptions?

Let our experts create the perfect page.  We know the best way to present your content to Amazon customers.  Send us product features and highlights and we turn them into Amazon optimized bullet points and paragraphs.  Better content can lead to increase search ranking and conversion.

Ortega Group has partnered with the leading detail page copy providers.  Not only will your product detail pages be filled with detailed selling points, the copy is built to increase your brand and products searchability in Amazon, ensuring that your products will be visible to many more customers will.



What are Amazon's photo requirements?  How big should my photos be?  How many should I have?

In a recent study, photos were the most viewed part of a product page.  Our professional photos will dazzle potential customers while following Amazon's strict requirements. We provide a wide range of photos for your Amazon detail pages, as well as for your internal marketing, including high-resolution studio images, lifestyle images with professional models, and enhanced images, which show off your products differentiaters to customers. 

Do I really need a product video?  How long should it be?  How do I get my video on Amazon?

Product videos allow a potential customer to see your product in action.  Videos can lead to increased conversion and higher order value.  We can upload your already-existing product videos, or work with our expert provider to have a new video created, which is yours to own. 


A+ Content

What is A+ content?  Why should I have A+ content?

A+ content is a critical piece to any detail page. This is the place to intertwine words and images.  Communicate your most intricate product details.  Compare your product against competitors, or similar products in your catalog.  Give customers important specifications that will aid them in making a purchasing decision.

Ortega Group will work to guide you through the creation of A+ content, as well as provide best practices that will lead to increased sales.  With our years of experience, we have seen what layouts of A+ content will be most beneficial for each of your individual products.