Future forecasts

Forecasting future demand

In order to ensure that

Ortega Group provides 5 week product forecasts




business review decks

Weekly or monthly decks outlining sales and marketing performance

Navigating Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central is not always an easy task. At Ortega Group, we find it necessary for our clients to have a clear, full understanding of their Amazon performance, and to have an idea as to which products are selling best, and which could use some boosting.

Ortega Group's operations team will put together clear, easy to read business review decks for your team. These decks will outline overall current and forecasted sales, top selling products, and marketing performance.


topic 3

Increase your review count through automated emails

We create emails that can get your customers excited to leave product reviews.  Through a/b testing, we have found the most relevant times to send automated emails to your Amazon customers.